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Ahmet Bilgiç

Ahmet Bilgiç

Ahmet Bilgiç
New Horizons

Exhibition: Skyscrapers, modern symbols of the 20th century architecture, are still constructed today.

Every newly-constructed skyscraper or bridge creates new horizons and changes the familiar silhouette of the city that I live in. The city, structures and workers are integral parts of the “new horizons”.


For me it’s history, for you it’s life, for them it’s money, for us it’s culture, for you it’s roots, for them it’s speed;

The dead soldier figure, pictured on ancient Greek stages, can no longer take out the arrow in his heart.

This city is silently fighting for its life…

Listen to the city…

City: Chaos, people, lives, colors,

Sky: Emptiness

İstanbul: Fullness

The sound of the city: One law, two articles flirting, a 1.42-minute time-period…

3 taxi horns on the breath of the city;

“How do ants find their way home mom?”

“In 36 installments, in the center of the city, 15 minutes to the bridge, you will be closer to heaven at your luxury condo on the 100th floor.

The last İstanbul in İstanbul. This is your place!”

“Can you take all of us?”

-Yes, but please move a bit closer together.

“Could you scooch over a bit?”

“Front row, get down”

“Do not move I am taking a photograph”

Biography: Ahmet Bilgiç was born in Antalya in 1981 and completed his undergraduate education at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Photography Department. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in the same department. Domestically and abroad, he participated in numerous projects, seminars, workshops and exhibitions domestically and abroad, and took part in many social responsibility projects. His current works focus on documentary and architectural photography.