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Alp Alper

Alp Alper

Alp Alper
A Look at Earth from the Sky

Exhibition: I aimed to document what is seen from a bird’s viewpoint’ when you are in the ‘Air’, the 3rd dimension exit point from the daily chaos of the cities that people spend their lives on earth.

Biography: Alp Alper was born in Ankara in 1965. He completed elementary, middle and high school in Ankara. He started working as a flight dispatcher for Turkish Airlines in 1992. During this time he started building up on his passion for photography that had started while he was in school. He continued and cultivated his passion on an international foundation in İstanbul, where he deemed “a natural photography studio”.

After the big 1999 earthquake that shook Turkey, he began his adventure that put the name Alp Alper on the map, called “Turkey from 1000 feet”. While working, he opened photography exhibitions “Turkey from 1000 feet” in Athens, Warsaw, Cape Town, San Paulo, Berlin, London, Beijing, Duisburg, Toulouse, Aussillon, Belgrade, Paris and New York.

The photography artist Alp Alper works with numerous magazines in Turkey and abroad, and he has published three photography books called “1000 feet’ten Türkiye”, “Bir Düş Uçuşu Türkiye”, 4 mevsim İstanbul”.