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Görsel Kültür Derneği

Görsel Kültür Derneği

Görsel Kültür Derneği

Exhibition: Since the time people began living together and communal living was adopted, streets have been in our lives as extraordinary places where life is shared, people socialize as a community, dialogues are developed in order to be a community rather than just individuals…

Primarily for women and children, streets are places where culture, manners and customs are experienced, where the historic fabric can remain untouched…

As opposed to the modern person who lives in buildings that are more modern yet increasingly becoming uniform, without communicating, not even saying a simple hi and thus who does not know anyone, streets where it is possible to experience the old cultures, traditions, diversity, and different colors, where warm, sincere and friendly people live, still exist in cities that are becoming more and more like metropolises.

We wanted to tell the story of the city through the streets that flow to the city from every leg, where children play in front of every door, where one can manage to be happy no matter the challenges, where smiling, cooperation, solidarity, a sense of belonging, and sharing are still valid concepts, as opposed to the avenues and large roads.


Biography: This association was founded in 2013 with the goal to learn, teach and advance photography and other visual arts, and contribute to the city’s and the nation’s visual memory. The association has a modern and progressive mindset and aims to play an active role in visual arts. To follow the innovations in the world and contribute contemporary style art pieces to the public while humbly serving photography and visual arts are a few of the aspects of the association’s sense of duty.

Photographers Included in the Exhibit:
İnci Koyuncu, Nil Güvey, Aksel Kırcı, Şerif Borand, Hayri Kurmuş, Selma Çubukçu, Hatice Güneş, Özlem Yılmaz, Füsun Kepez Kirte.