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If Photo Collective

If Photo Collective

If Photo Collective



Biography: If you want to remember, don’t forget to take photo.

The photographers of “if Photo Collective” are sharing their voice of conscience with the world using the photographic language. In this context, she takes aim that performs effective transfers with photojournalist, conceptual and experimental approaches. Photojournalist approach by directing the elements of what life in the execution of the jobs, nor photographic reality does not intervene with the software manipulation.

Aims that to recognize each other as citizens primarily with photographs and intellectual transformation for a more democratic society.

Almila Kuş, Burak Türk, Ceyhun Kandemir, Gökşen Coşkunyuva, Güler Çelik, Hasan Kasapoğlu, Hüseyin Yılmaz.