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International Photo Contest

  • International Photo Contest



    International and National Bursa Photo Festival is a contest that is opened to all amateur and professional photo artists, through which all participants are naturally taking part in the festival program. All the contest photos will be printed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and donated to schools, hospitals, public institutions in connection with “Farewell to Gray, Hello to Colors” which has been carried out a social project by Bursa City Council, during the year. During 5 years 1500 participating photos of contests of festival, have been exhibited on the walls of 63 public institutions. All artists participating in the contest should be agreed to participate in the social project as a volunteer.

    Subject: Urban Dialogues

    Rules of Participation:
    1-The contest shall be organized in digital category.
    2-The contest is open to all photo artists and photo lovers. Solely the members of the selection committee and their first degree relatives shall not take part in.
    3-Black & white and color photos shall be evaluated together.
    4-Each participant may join with maximum 4 photos.
    5-After the contest, the photos to be sent to the contest might be exhibited in the social responsibility projects of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality ad City Council during the year.
    6-Information required in the application form should be fulfilled completely.
    7-The participant shall accept, declare and commit that all the works sent to the contest belong to him/her and all the relevant permissions are granted. Bursa International Photo Festival does not take any responsibility regarding the photos of the participant. The rewards, titles and all such acquisitions achieved shall be withdrawn from those who acted beyond this declaration and acceptance.
    8-The photos shall be sent in the resolution of minimum 2400 pixels and 300 dpi in the short edge, in the highest zipping quality and in JPEG format and via 2016.bursaphotofest.org website.
    9-The photos participating in the contest should be sent without passé partout and without margin. As the photos would stand as document, any intervention except basic color / light arrangements and simple cleaning applications shall not be accepted.
    10-The results of competition will be informed to all of participants.
    11-The persons sending photos to the contest shall be deemed to accept the provisions of the terms of reference.

    Participation Fee: No participation fee shall be charged.

    Winner Prize: GPU Gold Medal + 4000 $ + PhotoFest Medal
    Second Prize: GPU Silver Medal + 3000 $ + PhotoFest Medal
    Third Prize: GPU Bronze Medal + 2000 $ + PhotoFest Medal
    Mention (6 prizes): GPU Prize Certificate + 500 $ + PhotoFest Medal
    Contest Special Award (10 prizes): PhotoFest Medal

    -The participating works shall be given 30 % of “exhibition” and announced in the website. These works shall be exhibited in the festival and the social projects. No purchasing shall be performed for these works.
    -Renumeration of competition to be paid in 2 months of declaration of results.

    Contest Calendar:
    Deadline for Contest: 19th October 2016
    Meeting of Selection Committee: 22th October 2016
    Announcement of Results: 31th October 2016
    Inauguration of exhibition and award ceremony: 05th November 2016

    Members of Selection Committee:
    1-Professor Nihal KAFALI (Academician in Mimar Sinan University)
    2-Hasan SENYUKSEL (Curator)
    3-Abdurrahman ANTAKYALI (Photojournalist)
    4-Mustafa Bilge SATKIN (Academician in Marmara University)
    5-Mahmut TURUNC (Bursa Metropolitan Municipality)
    6-Osman ONDER (Bursa Photographic Art Society)
    7-Meral KURU (Bursa City Council)

    Selection board gathers participation of (at least) 4 members. Meeting is postponed a week later if 4 members don’t participate.

    Secretary of the Contest and contact details:
    Murat BAŞLAR (Bursa City Council)
    Merinos Atatürk Kongre Kültür Merkezi, F Girişi, Ulubatlı Hasan Bulvarı, 16200 Osmangazi / BURSA / TURKEY
    Tel: +90 224 270 82 70-71 Fax: +90 224 270 82 78
    Contact: contest@bursaphotofest.org
    Postal Address for Photos: 2016.bursaphotofest.org

    The contest is certified with the reference number of GPU (Global Photographic Union)  L160071-M1G1S1B.