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    Our city has been hosting what has increasingly become one of the most important art events of the region and Turkey, The International Bursa Photography Festival (BursaPhotoFest). With this year’s 6th BursaPhotoFest, Bursa is bringing together photography lovers from all around the world.

    When art, one of the most important expressions of art, meets photography, it immortalizes a moment in time. Thanks to the recent developments in technology, photographs have become an indispensable part of our lives, and interest in photography is increasing with each passing day.  Bursa, with a different kind of beauty hidden in its every corner, is a wonderful source of joy for photography lovers…

    For this reason, our city is hosting hundreds of passionate photographers at BursaPhotoFest this year as it has done so for the past 5 years. Our festival had the theme “Encounters” in 2011, “Traces of Humanity” in 2012, “Colors of Life” in 2013, “Living Together” in 2014, and “Migration” in 2015; and this year our festival’s theme is “Urban Dialogues” and it is taking place between the 5th and 10th of November.

    This year we will be discerning the subject “Urban Dialogues” through photographs at Bursa International Photography Festival (BursaPhotoFest). Bringing together Turkish and world photographers for the first time in Bursa in 2011, BursaPhotoFest will again bring together 130 local and foreign photography artists from all around the world this year; and Bursa’s unique talents will be felt through the many events taking place such as exhibitions, panels, meetings, shows, portfolio assessments and workshops.

    I hope the 6th International Bursa Photography Festival is our best one yet, and I wish you all a very enjoyable and pleasant time. Thank you.

    Recep ALTEPE
    Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor