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Özel Karadeniz

Özel Karadeniz

Özel Karadeniz

Exhibition: To live is to leave traces...In the interior... An abundance of covers and protectors, liners and cases is devised, on which the traces of everyday use are imprinted. The traces of the occupant also leave their impression on the interior...
Walter Benjamin

what is home... whose voice is it that calls you home every time...

home is the door ajar..the curtain that flutters..the boiling cattle..hairclips that fall on the floor..books scattered on random surfaces..bulgur wheat pilaf..traces permeating the objects..a dancing woman..shadows..dinner table all ready..taste..smells..the sound that returns in the evening and recalls the routine..silence..

Biography: Özel Karadeniz was born in Erzincan. He completed elementary, middle and high school in Gaziantep. He is a graduate of Gazi University School of Education and Anadolu University Distance Learning Faculty, Photography and Cameramanship. He works as a teacher. In 2004, he started photography with the basics training he received from Adana Amateur Photographers Association (AFAD). He shoots abstract photographs that express his thought processes and emotions. He participated in Haluk Uygur's "Farklı Ufuklar Atölyesi", Sefa Ulukan's "Su Fotoğraf Atölyesi" and Vahap Akşen's "Fotoğrafın Dilleri" workshops. He received the "Excellence" award in black and white photography in Altın Kamera Photography Contest 2006 held in Adana. After more than 30 exhibit and honorable mention awards in international contests in Turkey, England, Poland, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Ukraine, Andorra, India, Switzerland, and Belgium, he received the title AFIAP from Federation Internationale L'art Photographique in 2013.