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Serhat Kır

Serhat Kır

Serhat Kır

Exhibition: The things that the city leaves outside of it, the objects left behind, places are reflections of the things that are left outside of our inner worlds in the city maybe.  The road we travel in continuity, the places we visit at certain times are possibly not only escape areas but also places we return to.

My movements in a specific area deal with the representation of the process where I express the personal experiences and the thoughts through places and objects. In a way, this representation is indicative of the state and process of the communication with places and objects, as a reflection of the societal situation on the person.

The tides that take place during this process may in a way express how the distance shrinks in regards to our inner world and thoughts. These shrinking distances may be only concepts of road, distance, state of movement but the representation of an exhaustion, an inescapable situation or the pathetic scenes of starting over, again.

The truth may be expressing another state, instead of what it seems. Areas, faces, places, objects, with darkness, depict a labyrinth.

This photography project has been made into a book of photography with Frederic Lezmi and Marcus Shaden as part of FUAM (Photography Application and Research Center).

Biography: Serhat Kır was born in Ordu in 1983. After graduating from Kocaeli University Fine Arts Faculty Department of Photography and Graphic Arts, he continued his graduate studies at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Photography Department in 2013. He participated in various mixed exhibitions and workshops in Turkey and abroad. In general, his photography works include a space, an object and a portrait. In this context, he creates projects of different concepts.