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Tümay Göktepe

Tümay Göktepe

Tümay Göktepe

Exhibition: Urban is an indicator of development level for human being. Definition of urbanity has changed a lot. It is not a place where people come from various geographies to meet, to communicate and to share their knowledge and works anymore.

When i enter an old neighbourhood the moments that i envy people, who live in there, is not a common feeling anymore. Urbanity is a condition, we all forget that we belong to nature and in order to detract it from us we set up these walls that high but on the other side they are fragile.

While big and high security building complex annihilating the purpose of existence of human with nature by exceeding it, they have transformed it into ‘a castle’ with protection human from other humans motion. Insiders and outsiders…

The moments civilization unites to nature and the moments fall apart, it is just like a small note to remind the place of wildness in nature to human beings and to refresh the respect to it…

Biography: She was born in İstanbul in 1972. After graduating with a degree in business administration she worked in various departments at different firms. Since 2011, she has been producing photograph and video works professionally. She completed the 2014-2015 Documentary Photograph program organized by Galata Fotoğrafhanesi. The work she created called ‘Unnamed’ as part of the program was exhibited at Galata Fotoğrafhanesi gallery.