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Urban Dialogues

  • Urban Dialogues

    As part of their life journey, people starting to build cities and urbanize is the most important cornerstone of  ‘civilization’.
    In other words, urbanization is the result of people’s dialogs and feelings of belonging.
    If there is dialog, it’s living together; if there is no dialog, it is merely living next to each other… Living without touching each other, without feeling the breath of one another…
    The ancient people’s thoughts on life are a result of their ‘dialogs’.
    Cities are designed according to dialog, built according to dialog.
    Town squares, agoras, streets, theatres, bazaars, shade of sycamore trees, coffeehouses, parks and gardens… All shaped in order to increase dialog.
    Language was developed here, and as language developed, the thought repertoire of the users of that language was enriched.
    The volume of the urban music is proportional to the depth of the city’s words.
    The musicality of urban words speaks to the diversity of the city’s undertones.
    In this regard, the cities we live in are polyphonic compositions.
    The composition of every street, every town square, every backyard has its diverse layers, and is situated right by the composition of another street…
    Words, sounds, musicality…
    All these, a city collects…
    And the ‘language’ that the city collects comes alive; this is how ‘urban dialogs’ are born…
    Every city produces the codes for its own dialogs. This is what makes cities unique.
    Today, the sense of urban belonging is weakening, being weakened.
    Therefore, dialogs are becoming the same,
    Culture is becoming the same,
    Architecture is becoming the same,
    Colors are becoming the same,
    In short, people are becoming the same, and losing themselves…
    A photograph connects everything that is lost or becoming lost, to life, protects them, and even enlivens them.
    The new urban era, is the era of an increased population and yet decreased sense of belonging.
    Cities are becoming similar to the black holes of space. They swallow everything that comes near and turn them into an unknown…
    Cities should live and enliven.
    To make cities live and enliven, everyone who feels like an “urbanite” today, must say, “I belong to the city, the city belongs to me”.
    Staking your claim is also the first requirement of identifying as an “urbanite”.

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